Below is a catalogue of retreats and workshops available from the Mission Bridge. Each can be customized to meet your unique needs.  If a program you are searching for is not listed, contact Gordon Creamer at the Mission Bridge to discuss creating the program you desire.  Any retreat can be transformed into a workshop format.


All Are Welcome at the Table

Our retreat today is focused on the theme of All Are Welcome At The Table of the Lord. Through prayer, meditation and various spiritual exercises, we will journey with this theme and its application to our experience of Christ in everyday living. There will be special consideration of Pope Francis and his wake up call to all Christians about the Gospel standard of mercy and compassion.

What Is Your Heart’s Desire?

Begin the Journey of the New Year with prayerful reflection and discernment of the direction in which you are headed. This program will allow you to get back to basics by getting in touch with your deepest desire, the call of your heart. Spend time alone and with other seekers dialoguing about your life and your future pathways. Use of Sacred Scriptures, small groups and spiritual exercises will be included to name one another's current experiences and development of ongoing awareness.

Spirituality of Music

Music has been an inspiration for prayer and worship long before and after King David composed the Old Testament Psalms.  More than any other medium, music has engendered meaning for the human journey.  Over the course of three sessions together, participants are invited to experience and reflect upon the connections between music and the sacred, all the while savoring the ways in which music enhances and elevates the spiritual journey.  Within each session, there is a brief survey of musical genres coupled with a variety of exercises that examine their spiritual impact.  Series includes: 


Session One: From Sound to Chant
Session Two: Classical Hims & Hymns
Session Three: Modern & Meaningful


These themes can be rewoven into a solitary retreat or workshop instead of a series of multiple programs.

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