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The Mission Bridge is offering personalized retreats, workshops and programs both in-person and on-line via Zoom. Check out these opportunities outlined below. Spiritual direction/companioning is being offered both in-person and virtually; please reach out with questions or to schedule an information session via the contact us tab on this website.

Upcoming retreats at Bon Secours are being held in-person at this time unless otherwise specified; in-person programs at Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center will be held at their location in Marriottsville, Maryland. Links and registration information are listed below.

Programs at Well for the Journey are are being offered both In-Person and Virtually. Please see links and registration information provided below.

As always, if you view a retreat or program on any tabs that you would like to experience or desire further information about, please contact Gordon. Thank you!

RETREATS at Bon Secours Retreat & Conference Center

Marriottsville, Maryland

Online Epiphany Retreat January 6 th , 1 PM - 3 PM

Tree Speak: Learning and Reverencing the Life, Language, and Lessons of Trees
Gathering Dates (Each Session will take place from 9:30 AM – 12 PM):


February 3rd – Winter Tree Speak


April 20th – Spring Tree Speak


July 13th – Summer Tree Speak


October 5th – Autumn Tree Speak

 Link coming soon!

Grief Retreat
February 17
, 9:30 AM – 4 PM

Lunch & Dialogue: Contemplative Practices of Jesus & Connection to Science
March 2nd, 12 PM - 3:30 PM

Caregivers Retreat
March 16th, 9:30 AM – 4 PM

Jesus and the Chakras: Exploring Ancient Wisdom, Living Incarnationally
August 2nd – 5th


Caregivers Retreat
September 7th, 9:30 AM – 4 PM


Grief Retreat
September 21st, 9:30 AM – 4 PM


Lunch  Dialogue: The Spiritual Practice of Gratitude
November 8th, 12 PM – 3:30 PM

.  .  .

Well for the Journey Wellness Center

Lutherville, Maryland

Tree Speak: Learning and Reverencing the Life, Language, and Lessons of Trees

Engage ritualistically with trees & Mother Nature at one or as many Seasons as possible over the next year while reading and reflecting upon Peter Wohlleben's "The Hidden Life of Trees"

Gathering Dates (Each Session will take place from 1 PM – 3:30 PM):

January 27 th – Winter Tree Speak
April 27th – Spring Tree Speak


Gordon and the Mission Bridge were featured in an article in MysticMag, an online resource publication for those seeking spiritual support and guidance.

Click the link for the articleBridging Two Worlds - Gordon Creamer

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